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What is the Silva Method?



The Silva Method is a simple, practical, easy to learn   toolkit designed to train you to make better use of your mental processes. It is mental training and dynamic meditation, but you may also use the techniques to practice meditation and mindfulness everywhere and when ever you want to.
With practice, you will become more in tune with yourself and your surroundings. Each exercise leads you to greater awareness and an increased ability to focus your thoughts. By using the basic building blocks of the Silva Method, desire, belief and expectancy, you can solve everyday problems, to gain a better perspective of your life, and manifest your desires.

So if you want to take charge of your life and need a tool that will support you in managing stress, efficiently change life style, help you through your studies, get you successfully through nerve-racking challenges and achieve your goals, then the Silva Method techniques are for you. You can use the tools in any situation; you don’t need soothing music or to relax on a bed to use them.

Top athletes have used mental training for decades, and successful business people have started to copy the sports world. 

The Silva Method has two main parts, the Silva Life System (SLS) and the Silva Intuition System (SIS). The SLS is the foundation course and the only one in English in Denmark at present.

Next course: 24th – 25th of August 2013 from 9 a.m. to 6p.m. in Copenhagen. Instructor: Birgit Elgaard Brett, M.Sc., coach and public speaker, bilingual in Danish/English, inrole now.

The Silva Method is mental training techniques.

Everyone can learn them, like learning to swim or drive a car.

Independent scientific studies have demonstrated that alpha brain wave activity is associated with inner levels of mental activity, tranquillity, rest, inspiration, accelerated healing, creativity, intuition, learning and memory.

It is so simple and effective, that it is a luxury not to learn and use it.

The toolset consists of:

  • Dynamic relaxation, advanced visualisation and imagination
  • Positive thinking and meditation, with action
  • Guided exercises, helping you to elevate the creative powers of your mind
  • A series of simple, formula-type techniques.

A quantum leap in the perception of human potential came with the discovery that we can learn to function with awareness and self control at alpha and theta brain wave frequencies. At these frequencies, more of the mind goes to work for us with strikingly powerful results.

Jose Silva, the creator of the Silva Method, began his research into the secrets of the human mind and brain waves in 1944. His research confirmed that IQ could be raised through mental control of alpha waves. This led him into a whole new related area. From a medical perspective, as mentioned above, it is applied Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNI)PNI is taught on the Complementary & Alternative Medicine Facility of Harvard University and also at the University of California.

About the Courses

The Silva Method is designed to elevate the creative powers of your mind by the use of visualisation and imagination, positive thinking and meditation.

The method consists of guided exercises, starting with teaching you how to put yourself in a relaxed state, which we call the “alpha level”.

The Silva Method is presented by certified Silva instructors in two separate weekend seminars – the Silva Life System and the Silva Intuition Training.

SLS – Silva Life System – The first part of our foundation course, is open for everyone

The Silva Life System is the key to achieving your goals and the life of your dreams – easily and naturally. This seminar includes the following main topics:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Stress management
  • Sleep Control
  • Headache Control
  • Motivation
  • Changing mind set and focus
  • Effective technics for reading and studying efficiently, remember
  • ing and recalling learnt material and coping with exams
  • Habit Control: Weight, Smoking and other life style issues
  • Setting goals and achieving them

When you leave the course, you will know how to use the Silva techniques. You will get a manual and be inspired to use it easily and effortlessly.

Silva participants are able to retake the Silva course world wide at a reduced fee.

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